Disintegration Launch: A Message to the Community

Announcement | 06.15.20

Hello to the Disintegration community!

I’d like to personally thank you for playing our debut game. We are a small team of only 30 developers, both seasoned and new to the industry. While small, I’m super proud of how talented and eager everyone here at V1 Interactive is and find it impressive that we were able to build such an ambitious game.

We are very excited for you to finally be playing a game that is very different from your typical shooter. I’ll ask that you set aside your preconceived notions of how a first-person shooter is meant to be played and look at Disintegration with fresh eyes.

We’ve been working on Disintegration for several years. It started with just me and a couple of incredibly talented college seniors eager to break into the industry. We took our time working on the universe and core game mechanics and have only grown to a team of 30 in this last year. I wanted to make sure that we took the time necessary to invent new ways to command ground units while fluidly engaging in combat and still making it all feel natural. I believe that extra time and perseverance made it work and I’m willing to bet you’ll see that as you play through Disintegration yourselves.

This game is unique in that we have the player piloting a hovering vehicle called a Gravcycle, equipped with onboard weapons, while also tactically commanding a small squad of ground units, each equipped with a special ability. Your vehicle’s speed and method of tactically commanding units is all very deliberate. You and your Gravcycle is just one part of your recipe for success. The other critical aspect is your squad on the ground, each who have a special ability that is yours to command. Success in combat depends on your ability to use both parts of this arsenal effectively.

It may sound like a lot, but I’m confident you’ll learn these core mechanics of the game quickly and find yourself mastering the battlespace within a few missions!

I’m very happy that we built a full single player campaign. Ever since my involvement with building the Halo universe from scratch, story campaigns have always been an essential part in building a rich believable universe. And I believe the world we created for Disintegration is just as compelling.

Marcus Lehto
President, V1 Interactive

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